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Survey Exposes Need for Off-Campus E-rate Funding

It's time for E-rate funding to support off-campus connectivity too. That's a big theme in the latest survey by Funds For Learning, an E-rate consultancy.

School Leaders Launch National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard

A group of national education organizations, researchers and technology experts has launched the National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard, a database that maps schools' voluntary responses to the pandemic across the United States. The data is intended to help school administrators, state leaders, families and the general public review the current conditions of the virus in their own communities, compare that information to other places and make decisions for the school year based on the data.

Nine in 10 Teachers Expect Ed Tech Needs to Grow in Next 3 Years

Most K-12 teachers said their students received less coverage of instructional material in the spring than compared to the typical school year, and most of lessons consisted of asynchronous activities. While a majority of administrators said their districts and schools were able to provide formal professional learning opportunities on technology-based remote instruction to their educators, half as many teachers said the same.

Mostly White School Districts More Likely to Have In Person Classes

A joint study has found that school districts with a majority of students who are white were three times more likely to offer in-person learning as schools that primarily enrolled students of color.

Gallup-Google Research Finds that Gender Gap Toward CS Remains

New research has found that female students are still skeptical about the merits of computer science education and show less interest than male students in learning CS or pursuing careers in the field.

Black Families Rate Importance of CS as a Subject Higher

All families consider computer science to be an important subject for their kids to learn. But that's especially true for black parents and guardians.

Report: Low-Cost, Microcredential-Based PD Can Improve Expertise in Student-Centered Learning

COVID-19 is making new kinds of demands on educators to become proficient at meeting the needs of individual students, whether they're in the classroom or learning from home.

How to Engage Students (and Identify Them)

What makes for an engaging learning experience? Multiple factors, including instructional practices used by the teacher, content that's "relevant and relatable to students' lives" and a design that helps students focus.

California Top State in School Solar

According to the organization that conducted new research on solar power in schools, energy is the second largest individual expense for U.S. schools after personnel.

K-12 Course Material Sales Drop by $182M YTD

Sales of course materials for K-12 plummeted by $182 million between June 2019 and July 2020. That's a 25 percent drop, according to the Association of American Publishers.