Research & Forecasts

Overall U.S. Education Market to Hit $1.96 Trillion by 2025

Education in the United States is a booming business. A new forecast puts the total at $1.96 trillion by the year 2025.

Traditional PCs Seeing Double-Digit Growth Despite Component Shortages

Despite electronic component shortages caused by the public policy response to the pandemic, traditional PCs (notebooks, desktops and workstations) saw 13.2% year-over-year growth in the second quarter of 2021. However, largely owing to shortages, desktops grew at a higher rate than notebooks.

78% of Elementary Teachers Spend Their Own Money on Tech for Teaching at Home

A survey of K–5 educators conducted this spring found that 78% of teachers had to spend their own money to supplement technology needed for teaching at home during the pandemic. The same survey found that 80% of elementary teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies.

Educators See Lower Engagement, Lower Achievement During the Pandemic

A survey of K–12 math and writing teachers released today found that most believe student engagement has waned during the pandemic and that student achievement has also suffered.

Virtual Reality Headsets See Explosive Growth

Virtual reality headsets grew more than 50% in the first quarter of 2021 compared with the same period last year, according to a new report. Facebook, which owns Oculus, was one of the key driving factors.

Internet Security Report: Fileless Malware on the Rise, Defenses Failing

Seventy-five percent of malware is going undetected by “traditional malware solutions,” according to a new report. And 74% of threats detected in the last quarter were zero-day malware, an all-time high, according to the researchers.

Increase in Mobile Gaming to Persist Beyond Pandemic

There was a surge in mobile gameplay when the pandemic began. According to a new report, nearly two-thirds of gamers increased the amount of time they played. And the majority of that activity will continue beyond the pandemic.

Chromebooks Seeing Massive Surge as Tablets Make Only Modest Gains

The increased demand for lower-cost remote learning solutions is helping to drive massive growth for Chromebooks this year. But the next few years won’t look so rosy, according to a new forecast from market research firm IDC.

Malware via Removable Devices Nearly Doubles

Malware being delivered via removable media, such as USB drives, nearly doubled last year, according to a new report.

Wearables See Major Jump as New Form Factors Emerge

Wearables are seeing a huge surge in growth. The total number of smart wearable devices shipped in the first quarter of 2021 grew by more than 34% over the same quarter in 2020.