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10 Ways to Make Online Learning Work

Among the considerations: connecting all learners with devices and high-speed internet, supporting teachers by providing the professional development they need and then recognizing their efforts with "credits and compensation," following best practices for online programs from sources such as ISTE, SETDA and the National Standards of Quality and rethinking the use of instructional time "to take advantage of the strengths of both synchronous and asynchronous learning."

Open Source, Python and Visual Studio Code Top Themes in GitHub Student Survey

GitHub predicted that Python's popularity would continue since it "has applications across different domains, like data science," making it a "suitable choice" for teaching.

Military Family Students Face Extra Transition Obstacles Beyond COVID Hurdles

If the typical American student has had to face turmoil in education this year, students who are the children of military parents face it throughout their young lives.

How State Accountability Systems May Overlook Low Performers

Even as education leaders are encouraged to look at the data to understand which pockets of students need special kinds of support for their learning, a new article and infographic from a research organization have suggested that some "subgroups" of students are too small to register on the radar, which means they get passed over.

Brief Proposes Alternatives to Seat Time as a Measure of Student Learning

Is "seat time" really the optimal way to measure attendance during a pandemic? There are better alternatives, according to a new brief from the Aurora Institute (formerly iNACOL).

COVID Learning Loss in Math Hits Hard in Grades 4–8

Research on the scope of learning loss during the pandemic has a new addition. Education technology company Illuminate Education examined assessments done by students who use its programs and found "modest reading losses" in grades K-8, "modest math" losses in the early elementary grades and "substantial math losses" in grades 4-8.

LMS Companies See Surge of Usage in Fall

Overall LMS downloads were 250 percent higher in August than February, according to a report from consultancy Sykes.

Contrary to Predictions, Rate of Teacher Retirements Looks to Decline in 2020

An analysis of teacher retirements during 2020 found that the rate was down by about five percent. Just one state under study — Alabama — showed an increase in retirements, of 7.2 percent.

Voice Tech Poised to Become Vital Tool

As touch becomes a dirty word, voice technology is positioned to provide a safer alternative. In a survey by Adobe of a 1,000 voice technology users in the United States, nearly a third (31 percent) said sanitation (such as not needing to touch high-traffic surfaces) was a big benefit of voice technology.

Survey: As a Necessity, Video is Losing Its Luster

Right now, video isn't making the positive impact on learning that it may have made in the past. In an annual survey done by Kaltura, fewer faculty and staff respondents agreed that video increased student achievement (down 11 percent from last year's survey), increased the sense of affiliation alumni felt for their institutions (down nine percent), increased student satisfaction with learning (down seven percent) or increased educator collaboration and professional develop (down five percent).