• How K-12 Schools Can Engage Families, Donors, and Staff on a Single Platform

    Don’t leave volunteer, dollars, or staff efficiencies on the table! More deeply engage all the stakeholders that matter to your school or district. Denver Public Schools, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, and KIPP show you how. 05/22/18

  • Discover the Benefits of 3D Printing in the Classroom

    3D printing is leading a revolution in the world of technological design and creativity and is already playing an important role in many of today’s schools. Big Lake Schools and its 7th grade class are no exception. Their final project, titled Games, Hobbies, Sports and Inventions, incorporates the design and modeling process with the use of the Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer. With a broad range of project topics to choose from and the ability to physically get their parts, students are able to involve their own interests and have truly excelled in the course. 3D printing gives these students a new tool to figure out problems and express their creativity. 09/15/15


  • Keeping School In Session

    In a Puget Sound island environment where severe storms and power glitches are common, managing a network of 1 data center and 38 data closets became challenging for the resource-limited IT staff at the Bainbridge Island School District. Efficient monitoring of the physical infrastructure was required so that system uptime could be maintained. 11/28/18

  • Transforming K-12 Education for the Digital Era

    It takes an entire community working toward the same goal to make any K-12 technology initiative successful. Explore this paper to discover top considerations and best practices for creating and executing a shared, learner-focused vision that leverages technology to support learning. 11/20/18