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Reduce Copper Wire Phone Costs and Keep Your Campus Safe

This free webinar is ideal for colleges, universities, and other educational facilities that are looking to reduce their phone costs and learn more about copper line replacement solutions for their critical life safety devices. Register today!

Date: 06/26/24

Time: 11:00 AM PT

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Innovation Unleashed: Exploring AI's Impact on Education IT Documentation

Join this fireside chat webcast on May 21, to explore the untapped opportunities that arise when education IT teams intelligently centralize data, preserve knowledge and standardize procedures across the institution. Don't miss it!

10 Proven Strategies for Effective Educator Growth Planning

Empowering educators through effective growth planning is crucial for improving student outcomes. This webinar will outline 10 proven strategies to help K-12 districts implement transformative growth initiatives that foster a culture of continuous learning and development among teachers. Register today!

Visual AI: A Proactive Solution to Prevent School Shootings

Register today to discover how artificial intelligence is redefining school safety and helping ensure our students and faculty can get back to focusing on education.

Everything You Want To Know About Surface Testing

Whether you are in a school setting or at a workplace, have you ever needed to test a surface or sample for narcotics such as cannabis, fentanyl, or others?